Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tony - Speak Easy 23/02/10

Moving swiftly on to Speak Easy debutant Tony we had Matt Spence scheduled but he couldnt make it we are treated to two fairly short and very clever poems. In the first of these poems, he personifies a joke, turning it into a sort of movie star character, sat in a bar reading a book of poetry. Though its not really a laugh out loud sort of funny poem, its nevertheless entertaining, and leaves us with a warm feeling. More love poetry next though as Tony says, its a reluctant love poem. Its called Dare. It seems to expand the preceding Geraints poem about the muse this time the muse is writing poetry about the poet, as odd as that sounds. The muse accuses the poet of being overly poetic and in contrast to tradition, feels that this cheapens their love. I really cant do it justice in a 200 word description, so youre much better off watching the recording of what I can promise is an extremely good pair of poems.

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