Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Delia - Speak Easy 23/03/10

Speaking of instruments, Delia follows Steve She opens with a nice and somewhat colloquial infused poem called Tasty Unfurling (Why I Quit My Job), which, entertaining as it is, doesnt really prepare us for what comes next the hysterical and resoundingly familiar (to you, not me) Dildo Paranoia. This absolutely has to be the funniest poem Ive heard at Speak Easy, and thats no disrespect to anyone else; this really is that good. Its difficult to explain without incriminating myself, so I implore you to just watch it. Perhaps its not for prudes but you should know by now that you cant really come to Speak Easy if you are one...

Delia is a brilliant performer she has excellent movement, and really engages the audience. She has a very musical voice, pauses in all the right places, and speaks clearly and fluently again no disrespect to any of the other Speak Easy performers, who are all phenomenal, but Delia seems like she was born to do this. She also has no shame, which never hurts here at Speak Easy.

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