Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Joe - Speak Easy 23/03/10

After Jude we had a brief intermission, which explains why we see the bar flies returning to their respective tables at the beginning of this video fittingly highlighting a great reason to come to Speak Easy; where else can you enjoy a drink and some excellent poetry? And if you already go somewhere else to enjoy a drink and poetry each month, youll know that Speak Easy will be right up your street.

The wonderful Maria Kardel, having already performed, takes over from Sarah as compere for the second half, and immediately introduces its first great act Joe. He reads three poems, the first of which is called Teachers Dilemma in Winter. He explains that its about the snow which plagued us less than a month earlier, though considered from a perspective that not everyone hears about: on the news every day for weeks we were told about the anger of parents at schools being closed, but what do teachers think of it? His second poem, Stole Some Time Today, is much more optimistic, and the theme creeps up again in his third and final poem Sometimes, which is rather short, but very good.

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