Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bry - Speak Easy 23/03/10

You might recognize Bry from every video of Speak Easys one year anniversary spectacular so far or at least the back of his head. My fault of course; I dont think it spoils the view too much. Fortunately for us, the front of his head is just as good, if not better, as amusing words come out of it. Bry is a regular at Speak Easy and never disappoints, so you know that this video is going to be worth watching and you dont need me to sell it to you.

Ever the trickster, Bry tries to confuse us at the beginning of the video by pulling the old switcharoo with his partner Jude. Jude and Bry film a lot of their own Speak Easy performances, and you can find them (as well as other entertaining stuff Jude has added) on Judes own YouTube channel - definitely worth checking out. Bry has one poem for us tonight, and it links up well with Judes performance straight afterwards, which can be found here

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