Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rich - Speak Easy 23/03/10

Second act of the second half is Rich, a first time reader here at Speak Easy, though we hope hell come back again some time soon. He has a short poem for us on a theme that everyone can relate to mothers. Its a very humorous look at what our mums tell us all throughout our lives. Rich performs very well, and though he seems quiet and nervous at first he is really enjoying himself by the end, as is everyone else. This is a very short video, but its definitely worth watching at least once.

Are you Rich? Do you want to come back and read again? Are you not Rich, and want to come and read for us anyway? Then contact John on, or just show up on the night and well do our best to fit you in. You get five minutes to fill in pretty much any way you want to, so use your imagination. We look forward to your call.

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