Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Owen - Speak Easy 23/03/10

Following Geraint Owen we have...Owen (no relation obviously), who had an excellent showing at the February Speak Easy, and repeats the trick again here. He has four very short poems for us today, and theyre all more than good enough for us to want him back next month too. Unscrewed, Laws of Extraction, The Rough End of the Sponge and In a Battle are variously giggle worthy and sinister (sometimes both), but all of them are pretty clever.

The rather amusing The Rough End of the Sponge is a personal favourite of mine Owen explains to us that its about living in a house full of slobs, which Im sure most people who have been to university can relate to. I can, but it seems that Owen didnt just give up like I did. I didnt write a poem about it either, but I know that if I had, I would have wanted to email John Turner ( to book a slot at Speak Easy so I could read it. Or maybe Id have just turned up on the night and read it anyway. My poem wouldnt have been very funny though, like Owens is, which is why Im leaving it to you guys to do it.

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