Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Davos - Speak Easy 23/03/10

First off I have to apologise to one of the March Speak Easys featured acts Davos, and everyone viewing this on YouTube, about the shoddy camera work I forgot I wasnt directing a fight scene in a Jason Bourne film, and to be quite honest I wasnt expecting Davos to move around quite so much. Needless to say that Davos is a very compelling and enjoyable in a live setting, but this doesnt translate too well to video when the camera man is this useless.

Davos tells lots of jokes and reads very amusing poems, so if thats your kind of thing the veteran here (meant in the nicest possible way) is one of the best examples of a comic poet youll find. Its to be expected of course, as Davos is one of the infamous, intriguing and absolutely legendary Circus of Poets. He reads twice for us here the first is a brilliant poem about getting older, and its the kind of thing weve heard from our own Saga Lout John Turner (another Circus performer) on many a Speak Easy night the second is a childrens poem which adults will enjoy too. Like Shrek, but a poem.

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