Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ollie Francis - Speak Easy 23/02/10

Watch the video first or else my write up might spoil the ending for you.

Joe couldnt make it on 23/02/10 either, so after the offer of mints (or judging from his reaction, despite the offer of mints) Voxs Ollie Francis luckily agreed to fill in some time for us. He improvises a story Oswald Steers into a Mousse, which sounds either much shorter or much less possible than it is. Happily Oswald Steers into a Mousse is in fact hilarious, and proves to be one of the hits of the night.

Vox Sheffield is a volunteer-led organisation that exists to nurture, encourage, and showcase creative expression and experimentation, connect people in our city, and serve the local and global community.

Vox is the latin word for voice. We are passionate about creating a supportive, collaborative environment that combines the voices or artists and local merchants to speak on behalf of those in our city and around the world without a voice.

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