Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Steve - Speak Easy 23/03/10

Sadly Bryan T didnt make it to the Speak Easy one year anniversary festivities this may or may not be because I made him up, as Im informed he might not exist. Apologies to Sarah then, who spent a considerable amount of time trying to find him, which along with Steves set up time (he needed two microphones; one for his guitar) explains why the running time of this video is slightly longer.

We get around one musical performance each month at Speak Easy, and its always a highlight veteran guitarist Steve is no exception. He tells us the song hes singing is green, but interestingly its sort of disillusioned with the whole movement. Hes tapping into an interesting side of all of us one where wed like to make things better for everyone, but were not really sure how much we can do. The song is about five minutes long and its definitely worth listening to, so give it a go.

Do you play acoustic guitar? Ukulele? Tambourine? Triangle? Can you hand bone? Were really excited for you to come and show us anything youve written (preferably with a literary flavour, but we really dont mind) contact John ( to book a slot, or just turn up with your (musical) instrument and tell us youll have a bash.

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