Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sarah Thomasin - Speak Easy 23/02/10

Following a brief intermission Maria takes over as compere, introducing the legendary Sarah Thomasin, who has some topical poetry for us. Leaving it until the very last minute to write, tut tut, Sarah first reads a poem inspired by Alan Ahlbergs Please Mrs. Butler (which can be found at the poetry archive if youre interested), telling tales on this boy, Gordon Brown. Apparently hes been calling her names and such, I cant imagine that being true. Next on the block is Nick Griffin I cant imagine what hes done to be called stupid. But nonetheless, Sarah launches a patronising attack on the man which is pretty hilarious definitely worth watching more than once this one. It does make you think though, that maybe Sarah needs to socialise with nicer people.

Finally were back in Haiti for a more serious poem, written in the form of two haiku. Its really quite a sweet one, and makes us think more about the subject its human beings that are suffering there after all. Whatever the current issue is, perhaps youd like the share your thoughts on it? It doesnt have to be a poem we welcome everything from stories to stand up. You can even just talk at us if you like. Contact John ( to book a five minute slot.

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