Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jude - Speak Easy 23/03/10

Jude is married to Bry who performed immediately before her, and she reads an extract from her upcoming third novel My Adventures in Cyberspace 2, due for publication later this year. This particular extract features a similar theme to the poem Bry just read, and both of them clearly feel very strongly about the subject matter, shaving their heads in protest. Its a fairly short video, and most of it is explanation which does add a great deal, as it helps to accentuate Judes passion - and distaste for internet pornography, which the reading is concerned with. Maybe you agree with her on this issue, maybe you dont, but the conviction with which she performs is inspiring nonetheless.

Jude and Bry film a lot of their own Speak Easy performances, and you can find them (as well as other entertaining stuff Jude has added) on Judes own YouTube channel - definitely worth checking out. Judes reading tonight links up well with the poem performed by Bry, which can be viewed here

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