Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Geraint - Speak Easy 23/02/10

Sarah introduces Geraint next, proving that I'm not the only one whos not so good with names but we forgive her (please forgive me). He continues the theme John started, with a poem about being a poet called A Muse Thing. He explores the relationship between poet and muse in terms of writing the poem we often hear about the inspiration for a poem, but Geraint is reading a poem about the creative process of transferring inspiration to verse. His next poem is about asbestos, which is considerably less dangerous. He applies it to the context of the snow as he says Im too young to know what asbestos is, but Im going to assume its some kind of white powder. Which as we all know never fuels poetry usually.

Geraints third poem is uncomfortably linked to his last, as it concerns the recent crisis in Haiti, and the loss of life in the earthquake there. In a fourth and final poem, Geraint returns to his first theme, telling us that he wants to write a fragment, like his favourite poet Wilfred Owen (no relation), and reads us a much more cheerful poem. Quite a variety on show here, enjoy!

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