Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tom Calvard - Speak Easy 23/03/10

Sarah begins this video criticising my sign making skills. How dare she? When Tom Calvard, a psychologist, takes the stage (for a second month running I might add) he warns us that his first poem is a little complex and abstract his explanation of it certainly is...its about the imagination, and our view of the world, and though it tackles some pretty heavy stuff, its quite upbeat, though this is partially down to Toms energetic delivery. Poem number two is about university newcomers, and the positives and negatives of the fresher. Tom really captures the dynamic of the student freshers get laid, get drunk, join clubs, get ill, get better, and everyone else has realised they need to be in the library all the time...

Hope to see Tom again next month as hes always entertaining. If you want to join Tom on stage next month (fingers crossed), you can contact John at to book a five minute slot, or just turn up on the night and hope we can fit you in. If we cant, youll still have had a good time!

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